Favorite (GER) 2002

Stute by Montjeu out of Fluid Dancer, Color: bay, Date of birth: //2002

Gillenia (GER) 1999

Stute by Greinton out of Goldküste, Color: bay, Date of birth: //1999

Goldkaetzchen (IRE) 2006

Stute by Key of Luck out of Goldkatze, Color: brown, Date of birth: //2006

Hollywood Girl (GB) 1992

Stute by Cagliostro out of Holly, Color: bay, Date of birth: 18/04/1992

Hot Sister (GER) 1994

Stute by Neshad out of Herzblume, Color: dark bay, Date of birth: 25/04/1994

Party Bloom (FR) 1991

by Baillamont out of Party Doll, Color: bay

Ukraine Venture (GB) 1994

Stute by Slip Anchore out of Sherkraine, Color: bay