German Racing Next Generation e.V.

German Racing Next Generation is the official junior organization of German horse racing. The association was founded in 2012 thanks to the initiative of the entrepreneur-family Bischoff-Lafrentz. It sees itself as the voice of the younger generation in the sport and wants to participate actively to ensure the future of German racing and to boost new talents. Important projects are the competition for new ideas "German Racing Concept Challenge", the young racing stable "just4turf" plus several other events for younger people in national and international racing. The stud supports in particular the stable "just4turf" by sponsoring the racehorse HUMOR and through the yearly event "International Young Turf Weekend" at Berlin-Hoppegarten racetrack and at Görlsdorf.

German Racing

GERMAN RACING is the umbrella brand of horse racing in Germany and is the symbol for a new strategic and transformative project in German racing. The project was started in 2010 on the initiative of several people including the Bischoff-Lafrentz family. In a first step it meant a buy-in into the leading online-bookmaker RaceBets so that German racing has its share in online-betting. It also meant opening own betting shops and the strengthening of the central marketing of racing under a strong umbrella brand. This was done through a closed fund who collected four million euros from friends of German racing. Görlsdorf had a significant share in this. Furthermore Görlsdorf also invested to allow a stronger digital presence – website, social media and YouTube. For two years Görlsdorf financed the press relations of the German horseracing association DVR. Niko Lafrentz of Görlsdorf stud is still in the advisory council of the project GERMAN RACING and is taking part with a lot of passion in the strategic development of German racing to secure its future.

Owners Association for thoroughbred breeding and racing

The Owners Association for thoroughbred breeding and racing (BV) is the association for German breeders and owners of any size. The members do represent two thirds of the race horse population in Germany. The BV wants to take care of the interests of all breeders and owners towards the horse racing association DVR and in all DVR committees. To keep in touch with other organizations related to breeding and racing is also part of its job. Heike Bischoff, owner of Gorlsdorf stud, has been on the board of the BV since 2011. She is fighting with passion and vigor to strengthen the market for German race horses, to market racing and to promote young talent.

Baden-Badener Auktionsgesellschaft e.V. (BBAG)

The Baden-Baden sales company BBAG is specialized in auctioning race horses. No matter if foals, broodmares, yearlings or trained racehorses – the BBAG is the first address in Germany for horse owners and buyers. The BBAG is having three sales every year – in spring for horses in training, the yearling sales in summer and the October sales at the end of the season. It has an impressive record: In the last twenty years ten Derby winners were being send through the sales ring at Iffezheim. Heike Bischoff, owner of Gorlsdorf, has been elected into the BBAG board in 2014. She wants to develop the sales company and to strengthen the German market for horse races.

Sponsoring of Races

Görlsdorf stud is supporting racing events national and abroad by sponsoring races on a regular basis:

  • 07.08.2016: SEA THE MOON Maiden Fillies' Stakes in Newmarket
  • 25.10.2015: SEA THE MOON Rennen in Hannover
  • 11.10.2015: SEA THE MOON Rennen in Köln
  • 08.08.2015: SEA THE MOON Maiden Fillies' Stakes in Newmarket
  • 28.12.2014: SEA THE MOON Rennen in Dortmund
  • 26.10.2014: SEA THE MOON Rennen in Hannover
  • 31.10.2013: 130 Jahre Gestüt Görlsdorf Rennen in Halle
  • 27.10.2013: 130 Jahre Gestüt Görlsdorf Rennen in Hannover
  • 24.11.2012: Preis des Gestüts Görlsdorf in Halle
  • 03.10.2009: STERNKÖNIG – Preis vom Gestüt Görlsdorf in München
  • 20.10.2002: Preis vom Gestüt Görlsdorf in Hoppegarten
  • 23.11.1997: Großer Preis von Görlsdorf – Tauchsport-Erinnerungsrennen